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Ever wonder what America would be like if blacks had brought whites here as slaves?  A Mile In My Shoes is my first novel and that is exactly the premise it stands on.  In short, it would be the same ol’ song and dance because it is not about color.  It’s about whoever is on top wants to stay there and somebody has got to be the “nigga”.  Human nature is the operative factor, not color.  Color is only an easy designator of difference.  In considering possible cultural changes, I figured that if blacks came here partly for religious reasons like they say whites did, then one of the things they might have brought would be “female circumcision”.  Whether one calls it circumcision, castration or mutilation, the truth is that it is a horrific travesty and mutilation of God’s gift to women!  America would be very “different” even though people’s behavior would come from the same spirits.
We have come a long way racially, but we still have yet to “be in each others shoes”.  We cannot go back in time, so the only way to experience lessons of the soul the opposing races feel is “strong visualization”.  Therefore, A Mile in My Shoes is written at gut level, but with high ideals.  I seek to promote greater empathy for the other man’s position and nothing here is designed as a put down of individuals, but attitudes, ways of being and the way we treat those different from ourselves.  The story is starts as a flashback, but actually is set in modern day Los Angeles.  The main character, Tremaine is a young white, who having witnessed tragedies no child should, grows to manhood, by twisting the twisted roots provided to him, his own way.  The whole country knows the gang he initiated at 14.  “Nails” is his life, but at 36 can an “old soldier” cross the tracks with a black woman and start a new life?  This is but one of the problems facing him, but no matter how many there are, God has said his “investment” of spirit shall not come back void.  So, without further explanation, I offer an excerpt from my first novel “A MILE IN MY SHOES”.


Gentle was the breeze that married the sun and the fields in glorious union.  Infusing father sun and mother earth in holy trinity as only spirit can.  Not too hot.  Not too humid.  Pleasant, this summer of 1889 was.  The breath of life would have surely completed this vision of heaven had it not been for the realities of life among the cotton.  Sheer godly beauty scarred by human degradation.  No, not by the honest sweat and toil the work of picking cotton is, but by the fact that it was not for hire.  Nor was it for the simple love of doing it.  Slavery had soured this hallowed ground for too many years.  So many that the majesty of this day barely made a dent in Dugu’s armor.  His blue black skin still sweat and strained against his facial bones as only a cruel overseers could.  It was his job to extract bales, many bales from these fields and also as a perk any hint of that thing called pleasure.  What a mistake for any cotton-pickin’ white to show any tit of enjoyin’ their communion with nature.  Indeed, the pleasure for Dugu was not in the atmosphere, but in actively bringing about the pain and suffering of these less than human, white trash nothings.  Slaves.  Blanks.
Still there was just no way for Dugu to completely remove the spirit.  Master BuDro had imported several slaves trained specially in African work rhythms.  Though they were slaves and therefore under Dugu’s charge; they were also BuDro’s pets. Very expensive.  They beat their drums from pre-dawn ‘til sunset, driving the pace of pickin’, pushing their brethren to maintain Dugu’s employment.  It didn’t matter to him that the beat drove those blank niggas into a trance-like state that allowed them to go beyond their normal endurance and make him look good.  In fact, it pissed him off.  Just like it pissed him off that those damn drummers got to sit shaded from the sun.  Hell, if they didn’t produce he’d just beat them like drums.  Either way it really didn’t matter because he would simply constantly patrol the fields searching out any glimmer of serenity among these white bastards.  Fuckin’ pigs!  The day was still young; it wouldn’t be long before some poor ‘wood would fuck up and allow Boss Dugu catch them with some dreamy eyed, contented cow look on their face.  That’s when he would get the pleasure of puttin’ his big black foot up that silly white ass!
The business at the stables did dictate a slight alteration in his normal daily activities though.  He had to play nice.  Today the Mugabes’ were being wined and dined, shown around and hopefully impressed enough to buy a number of prized slaves.  Dugu had not been allowed to touch any of the studs for at least two weeks since the Mugabes’ had previously said they not only wanted to purchase a few house niggas, but they wanted at least one good stud.
Master BuDro seemed to be pacing even though his back and forth movement was limited to shifting from foot to foot as if he were in a long line waiting for important business with the john.  He watched and listened as best he could under the circumstance, but he simply could not get his mind around the thought that after weeks of preparation that that fuckin’ nigga had the nerve to run away now.  Mohammed was BuDro’s pride and joy.  It pained him to think of selling such a fine white buck, but increasingly he had become an annoyance.  Fuckin’ when he wasn’t told to, impregnating bitches that shouldn’t be.  Nobody fucked unless BuDro said so!  That was the way it was supposed to be.  What does that look like when a breeder can’t control his breedin’ stock!  Now, not only was Mohammed missing right when he wanted to show him off, got damn it, so was Bea his favorite house girl!  BuDro tried to look like the confident, attentive salesman as Mr. Mugabe spoke, but it was very hard to disguise his anxiety.
“I always let my wife control our breedin’ stock.  Gives her a sense of purpose.  Hell, I do everything else.  ‘Sides it makes her so happy.”
Mrs. Mugabe inspected the five studs lined up in front of her with the intensity of a seasoned horse trader.  Staring, patting, poking and generally probing them anyway she saw fit.  Though she swaggered with the importance of a consummate professional, the glint of a child in a candy store danced in her eyeballs still.  She finally stopped at one, looking intently in his face.  Her hand swept past the small loincloth, the only garment on his otherwise naked body, and thoroughly man handled his manhood.  She stroked its length then squeezed his heavy sack.  He winced at the intrusion.  Mrs. Mugabe smiled slyly in his face and shot the same message over her shoulder to the by standing men.
Mugabe reared back full of his wife as well as himself and started to speak.  Instead the moment burst in the hurried entrance of a gasping young slave boy.  The Mugabes’ froze in their posturing while the boy whispered in Budro’s ear.
“Good!  Tell the overseer to fetch them and then sound the assembly!”  BuDro having refilled to the full with himself, turned to Mugabe.
“It seems that in addition to what your wife has apparently just chosen, you get a special treat courtesy of our missing stud and my favorite house girl.”
Bea certainly was not only BuDro’s favorite; she was hands down the best he had ever had.  Soft, sweet spirited and when she was bathed absolutely succulent.  She accepted anything she was told to do with poise and maturity that he was sure no other fourteen-year-old white or black possessed.  Never so much as a speck of the attitude he invariably got from his older playthings, Manda or Shukee.  Never the less he would whip her ass periodically anyway.  Maybe not so much to show her he was boss or that she had done anything wrong, but to pinch himself into the reality that he could do whatever he wanted.
But this!  This time she would really get it!  Being caught with the love-hated Mohammed was so far beyond betrayal that he nearly had achieved full erection by the time he had left the stables.  Hot waves powered through his body obviously accumulating in his mind and loins.  The flaming rush of bent emotion, while sparked by the thought “how can these ghosts conceive to defy me?”, was fanned to frenzy by coincident thoughts of what he could now do to them.  Both of their asses were his and he was going to prove it!  Beating that damn impudent Mohammed would be slightly above the everyday pleasure he experienced kickin’ white asses all over the plantation, but Bea….

Why he hadn’t even circumcised her!  All the good black women in these parts were circumcised by the time they were fifteen and the slaves by ten.  Bea was eight when he had begun fiddlin’ with her and well, she was just different.  He wanted to keep her all woman, full of her animal receptiveness.  BuDro reveled in the sounds of her yowlin’ like a cat as he thrust her everyway imaginable.  Anyway he wanted. Anytime he wanted.  Damn, he almost loved her!  Is this the price he had to pay for not clipping her clit?  Betrayal?  Ha!  Though he had assumed the position of the broken hearted, he had no intention to allow any nigga to change his plans.  She’ll still keep all of her vaginal parts, but she will know beyond doubt that they, as well as the rest of her, were completely, irrevocably his.



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Home is where the heart is.  By reflex, the heart is where home is!  Love the ultimate expression of harmony is expressed from that “house”.  The meeting ground for perfect balance between all opposites.  The male and female.  The mind and emotion.  The yin and yang as well as that which we term good and evil.  It is also where the spirit in man meets the spirit of its maker, God!   While it is true that the spirit of God may enter man through the mind, knowledge of God is not enough.  True harmony with God can only occur when that knowledge is brought down into the heart to become joined in “understanding”  through love.  The “state” called Eden was the state of perfect harmony resulting from true and perfect love.  The love of God for man which at first was reciprocated.  Man loved God too!  He was a babe in the nursery of Eden.  Tucked safely in paradise.   We fell from that perfect harmony, led by the emotional desire nature, turning or deviating from the first love to satisfy its own need to “feel” good.  The “weaker” of the mind/emotion pair used its “freewill” to go against the establish basis for harmonic balance.  The biblical story of Adam and Eve says that “the forbidden” fruit came from the tree “of the knowledge” of good and evil.  There was no sin or “falling short” of God’s standard because there was no sense of wrong.  Harmony.  Balance.  Love.  The opposites resting in each other as one.   These existed, but not good and evil!  Not until the quest for “knowledge” began.  Interestingly, that quest began by going in the opposite direction to knowledge.  The “weaker” emotional desire nature seated in the stomach to sexual organ regions as represented by the feminine force, Eve becomes the first to step out of harmony.  Not by virtue of wanting to really “know”, but by wanting to “feel”.  She thought that since it looked good, desire kicking in said it must taste good.   Material desire of the belly overrules the spiritual principal of the mind.  Her “sinking” to the “tempter” wiles was still only one half of the key.  In going to Adam, the “cat” of desire already being out of the bag, she offered the “new treat” to him.  Adam completed the deviation by going upward, his realm being the mind and “rationalizing” that it must be alright led also by desire to please her.  Notice she was not ashamed of her nakedness until Adam sealed the deal.  He could have stopped the process by refusing to disobey.  Deviation from God had to occur in both directions from the heart, from home, Eden, love.   Striking out first in a negative downward move of desire that then rebounded to the opposite extreme of mental laziness.  He chose not to do the right thing and the separation of mans mind and emotions was set into motion.  This process was necessary for many reasons.  One being that in order to truly become heirs and Sons of God we need to acquire knowledge.  It would not do for us to remain as babies in a sandbox.  Also, Eve as the apparent “cause” of the downfall, ultimately shall be resurrected as the cause of mans reinstatement.  Is not the desire for God, the virginal state that became the fertile ground for the birth of Christ.

EVE part 4

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How can I make a simple, but effective case for the “meaning” of feminine as I propose it without engendering debate as to whether the “role” it implies for woman is good or bad?  Difficult at the minimum and crazy from the start!  We love the tension produced by “who shot John for being a male chauvinist pig or who snuck Sally in the alley because she “asked” for it.  We like the discrepancies between men and women because they create that heightened tension that makes making up all the more fun.  Well, while I know that the roller coaster ride of male/female interaction does make lovin’ great, I know also that even greater heights can be achieved through mutual respect for each others uniqueness minus the clashes designed to determine superiority.

Boys and Girls get a pencil with paper and draw a plus sign (+).  Let’s say that “it” is the original “man” Adam who represents and contains both “poles” of sexual potential.  Male and female both in the same package.  He is positive.  But, where is his “negative”.  His mirror reflection that can operate as his perfect companion?  “It is not good for man to be alone!” said God.  Humm…proceed to extract an integral part from him that we might create for him a perfect companion.  Remove the rib from his side!  What we now will have is one vertical line (Hey, come on!  Do I really have to say draw it?!) and a separate horizontal line.  The vertical line still represents the “positive” nature and is still called “man”, but the horizontal line is designated as “negative” or not man to the first, a cross purpose “new” individual called woman.  She is “minus” or that “subtracted” from “man” in order to create the perfect companion.  No where within this scenario so far is there any implication that “minus, subtraction, negative or “no man” is “bad or wrong”.  She is a uniquely different creature with her own purpose called Wo man.

We still are left at the beginning wondering, “What is that purpose?”  Well, for a visual on that, let’s go to the words of Jesus, that said that you fulfill the whole law by simply doing two things!  Loving God with all your heart and (secondarily) your brother as yourself!  The primary, first duty of man is the establishment of that “vertical” relationship between himself and God.  The spirit engendered or received through that relationship “fuels” the secondary relationship that “proves” the validity of the first which is that between oneself and others!  This is represented by the horizontal line that implies reaching out to others.  Man represents the masculine, higher nature of mind and spirit lifted up to God.  Woman represents the feminine, lower nature of emotion and desire.  The sensitive qualities of nurturing, mothering, caring for another are not weak, but essential components in fostering the brotherhood of man!  Without woman, man would not be able to forge the reality of brotherhood we seek and need in order to be complete in relation to God.  Both the horizontal and vertical relationships are necessary to be in place to complete the whole and thereby “represent” the original Godliness experienced in Eden.  By consequence it is easy to see that in spiritual terms that “kingdom of God” in found at the intersection of those two “ways of being”.  Welcome home, True Hearts!  The Kingdom of Heaven is within!

“EVE” part 3

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Men and women are fundamentally different.  They are two halves of a whole, yet are complete within their selves.  The spirit which animates them is singular and the same being made in the image of that singular being called God.  “Man” the male “pole” of the opposites has enjoyed his designation as the “leader” from the beginning ’til now as the one that represents the higher nature of humans.  The mind

Undoubtedly, someone can be found that would dispute the intellects preeminence over the emotions, however playing the devils advocate does not legitimize ignorance.  The ability to rationalize is the key that differentiates humans from all other known creatures in our sphere.  The mind’s intellect is “higher” in the scheme of human “tools” than the emotion’s feelings.  It is the mind’s ability to separate itself from the emotions that renders man as a being that can perceive the world objectively (plainly, truthfully) without the “coloring” of feeling.  This is a quality that is of absolute necessity in understanding the “stuff” of this life.  At its best, man can see “black and white” as different without making any judgment as to which is better or best, right or wrong.  A world run purely on intellect would be cold, austere and devoid of the “human” touches that cause us to care.  It could run efficiently, but in essence be as bland as black and white.

Emotions on the other hand are more personal and subjective.  The “logic” of emotions appears to not be logic at all.  Often the judgments dictated by emotional evaluation are considered irrational, illogical and without “sound” basis.  “I feel” is arbitrary in relation to “I think”.  But, whereas the logic of intellect allows us to define the world in yin-yang, black and white, either/or terms that lead us to concepts of “law”, it is the emotions that grants us the ability to color and shade the world we live in and make it less cold and more human.

All of this hooey has been waded through to get to the conclusion that “woman” has been pushed into the background since the beginning as “less than” man.  She has at times accepted the designations of negative, lesser, weaker or lower and in more recent times rebelled against the same seeking to push for “equality” by pushing all the way into the opposite extreme or “sameness” as man.  Both positions deny woman’s understanding and acceptance of her own uniqueness.  Seeking to insert her “round” peg into man’s “square” hole says may stem from recognition that the spirit that rests within her is the same as man’s, but shows lack of understanding of that same spirits “intention” in constructing her differently.  Man needs her unique qualities in order to once again experience the unity that was the very first “state of being”!  He does not need an imitation of himself.  The qualities represented by the feminine principal called woman are the saving grace of man.  She is in reality the “crowning glory” of humanity and a singular example expressed by symbol and ideals should be enough to prove once for all that point.  In part four, I shall draw that singular picture, wrap up the “concept” of woman’s worth and value to humanity and prepare to move on to other things.

“EVE” part 2

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Perfect relationship?  Humm…  Wouldn’t that be the “relationship” where the component parts “fit” together perfectly?  Each one bringing their own uniqueness to the “table of relating” to join harmoniously into one singular new creation.  Though our primary concern is relationship as fostered by duality, the principals are the same for any number of components joined as “one”.  The parts are joined so as to create a new “oneness” that is greater than any of the component parts.  This is called synergy.  Every complex machine is a “one” composed of “many”.  Yet, complexity does not change the fact that the simplicity of joining two is the basis for the complexity.  The male plug on an electronic device mates perfectly with the female receptacle in the wall and the result is that current can now flow to the device.  There would be nothing happening if your television cord came with a female end.  You could slap ’em together all day long and your television would still sit staring at you blankly and probably thinking, “Wow, I thought I was as dumb as a bag of hammers.”  Likewise, a male plug coming out of the wall might bring visions of a helluva sword fight, but there would be no electrical juices flowing today.  These are simple logical progressions, but does the same simplicity work in the human drama?  Yes!  It has been said that there is no manual or text book to life, but I would beg to differ.  Adam and Eve are part of that manual because the manual is alive.  The bible may be considered the document for living, but the creation itself is the “living document”.

“This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man.  Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall become one flesh.”  These are the words of Adam after the separation of part of himself in order to create his perfect mate, Eve.  From one, comes two!  When living cells split the first division is into two.  Duality is born and now that there are two there automatically comes a need for hierarchy.  One must become the primary, the leader, the dominant, the positive one.   The other must be secondary, the follower, the submissive, the negative one.  Every one of those statements I made could incite a riot because we have yet to destroy the connection of those words to good/bad or good/evil.  None of these words in relation to male and female interaction were ever intended to denote the rightness or wrongness of either.  Eve was the negative to Adam.  The flipside.  The true compliment because she was created as a “helpmeet” for him.  By taking a integral part of him she is the one he now needs to go to in order to be his whole self.  Impossible!  This is at best a pipe dream of massive proportions.  The nature of our physical bodies makes joining together to create one flesh or body an impossibility.  Just that quickly we are at a dead end in following the trail because this cannot occur.  Unless…  Unless we consider that Adam, by virtue of the breath of God which made him a living soul, is still actually carrying the “wholeness” of Gods “spirit” in him still.  The spirit itself cannot be “separated”, but its expression can be “impeded” by the physical vessel it is in.  Adam still contains both potentials in spirit, but the “masculine” qualities are far more easily expressed through the “vessel” he has become in the separation.  Eve also contains both potentials, but she is “tuned” at the opposite end of the spectrum of “human”.  Her physical self “conforms” to her role as the “representative” of the feminine nature of man or “female man” and therefore everything about her is basically opposite to the male man.  She is designed to be more attuned to the emotional/nurturing/desire aspects of spirit as the reverse of Adam.

One example stands out as validation for what I say.  Those of us who have sought the truth of God in Christ and have been to church, have mostly likely heard the following statement discussed.  “Man is the head of woman, and Christ is the head of man.”  Untold numbers of women have been oppressed, beaten down, demeaned and dehumanized with that statement as the justification.  Once again, God is scape goated by some evil inspired man to justify his disregard for God’s true intent.  First, the second half of the statement is all to often forgotten, leaving only the “man is the head of woman” part as all that is needed.  The popular interpretation is wrong and tells us just how out of sync with Gods concept of life, us and the universe we are.  Consider what I have said thus far and a different picture may begin to emerge.  “Man” (mind) is the head of woman (emotion) and Christ (spirit) is the head of man is about “relationship”.  Proper hierarchy.  I see the dawning of understanding in many.  Mind must lead emotion because if we do not consistently “think” out what we are experiencing, we will forever be at the mercy of our lower natures “feelings”.  Which one of us doesn’t know a person that is, on a regular basis, drug up and down the street from conflict to crisis because their emotions write their “script”?  Spirit first, then mind followed by the emotions!  That is the proper relationship.  The statement was not intended for the subjugation of women!  They are not inferior.  They are not less than.  They are not slaves to man.  They are children of God who accept that in this life the soul that they are is placed in a vessel that “stamps” them as female and that form or vessel “represents” something far greater than what we see with our eyes.  Eve, the true Eve recognizes that as a word or breath of God, she is neither male nor female, but made in his image.  Spirit.  She as that spirit of God, “individualizes” and grows as a soul through the accumulation of experiences that differentiates her from other “breaths” of God.  As a soul she still is neither male nor female, but may tend to lean toward one or the other because we accumulate “soul” matter based on emotional attachment or possession of people, places and things.  These are the things we attach to the spirit which has now become a soul.  When that soul is placed in a concrete form called flesh it now manifests predominantly either one or the other sex, born either into a male body or a female body.  The same essence given a different job description because each form “represents” a different, but equal portion of Gods creation.  But, their equality is not designed for them to stand still staring at each other, it is designed for them to “get somewhere”.  One will lead and other will follow in love.


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To some peoples mind, the story of Adam and Eve is little more than a nice little fairy tale.  I take liberty to say that still, most educators would argue that the “folkloric” tales of our beginnings do in fact contain truths that are global and therefore indispensible.  I also will state up front that I believe biblical accounts are all too real.  The unbelievable packaging of the truth offers a natural stumbling block for “fair weather” seekers of the that truth.  One has to be willing to suspend their own understanding in order to step past the unbelievable exterior and get to the interior reality.  In this discussion, the reality is that Eve as the first woman represents the “ideal” for all women.  The prototype.  Serial number one!  Here comes the war wagons!  Again I say, suspend preconceived, stereotypical concepts and let’s see if we can restore womanhood to its rightful pedestal.

Man was created in God’s image as the first human.  We could stop right here and have a knock down dragout fight that would destroy not only the possibility of discovering any truth by sidetrackin’, but mangle a few noses in the process also.  I really think though, that this is better suited as a point to begin the practice of “suspension of prejudice”.  Adam was a “single cell” and being in the image of God contained the whole potential of a son of that one that “fathered” him.  He contained both the male and female potential that is manifest throughout the whole of material existence.  As such, the designation of man would not mean exclusively “male”.  He like God was both and neither.  As the text says it was not good for “man” to be alone.  God himself, being complete within himself, still desired companionship.  How much more does a mere mortal need and therefore desire a companion?  So, what is the best way to create a “perfect” mate and compliment to anything in need of it’s “perfect compliment?  Extract some portion directly from the object itself!  It’s not even magic, its pure and simple logic.  That which is removed will fit perfectly back into the original object.

I am not here to argue how Adam’s “surgery” was performed.  The “rib” taken from his side represents a portion of his physical nature being removed to form a physical being that would be not only physically related to him forever, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually also.  Every one of those attributes would have been affected as “part of the rib” taken.  If I cut my house in two, from roof to base right down the middle, the two halves would only be indentical in size.  One half might contain two bathrooms compared to one in the other half.  The other side has the only kitchen on its side.  There would be a need for intercourse between the two in order the have a complete house.  The point I am making is that in the separation of the sexes, different attributes were accentuated in one versus the other.  Adam, now the male retained a natural inclination toward the traits deemed “masculine” as well as he retained the designation “man”.  He had to have experienced a sense of loss of part of himself.  Eve, started out as a being expressing the “feminine” qualities attributed to humans and therefore did not suffer the same sense of something having been removed.  They both experienced the natural magnetic attraction, but with differing attitudes.  Man would always seek to “fill the hole” by seeking reunification.  Wo-or Womb-man also would always have a need to “unite”, not out of a sense of “missing” something, but out of a sense of gaining something that would complete her.  From the outset, man and woman were at odds as to what need the other fulfilled in them.  They also began as representatives of differing aspects of that called human.

Mind and emotion are not the same.  They are seated in different areas of the physical body.  The mental/intellectual qualities of “human” are seated in the head, more specifically the brain.  The emotional/feeling nature of “human” is seated in the abdominal to groin area.  Essentially, opposite ends of the spine.  In the pure sense, thoughts don’t feel and emotions don’t think!  The “half” portion of human nature that was taken from Adam and given to Eve to “represent” was the emotional/desire nature.  Man retained the mental/intellectual.  Mind you, I said what the concept “man” versus the concept “woman” represents!  All men are not, repeat, not intellectual giants and all women are not emotional balls of confusion.  As individuals, we all have both of these qualities in varying degrees.  Suspension of preconceived reaction to specific input does not mean leaving your head at the door.  In fact, it means that you are confident enough in the workings of your mind and emotions that you can take a look at a previously categorized concept freshly and objectively without fear that God will strike you down for daring to question some belief you don’t know the origin of.  References to male and female as positive/negative have nothing to do with good/bad.  The terms used are designators of relationship only.  So, in referencing the mental/intellectual nature of humans as “higher” nature and emotional/desire nature as “lower” nature, we are simply describing the way they should fit together.  These are not terms intended to put the “feminine” in a “bad” light!  They are intended to light the path to perfect relationship.

Next page: “Eve” part 2


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The concept of the virgin in human understanding is imported with and imparted by, the woman.  Virginity is in its pure intent exclusively a “feminine conception”.  We talk about virgin males, but virginity is not a prime precept of what the concept of maleness “represents”.  To be virgin implies “in-drawing” receptivity to imprint by an external force.  The “virgin” is a willing receptor of not only new direction, but first direction.  This is directly opposed to the males “outgoing” aggressive assertion of his unique imprint designed to initiate its new direction upon and within a receptive, feminine “clean slate” wherever it may be found.  Male is to female as aggressive is to passive.  One seeks engagement in order to “initiate” and the other seeks the result after initiation by waiting for the engagement.  If one considers the order of priority, it is easy to see that the “prime directive” of male versus female runs contrary, one to the other.  They start as opposites of the same “coin”.  One seeks, one waits.  One initiates, one completes.  Together they produce.  The very construction of our sexual organs “tells” the same truth.  They fit and function together, hand in glove and when properly “mated” produce the possibility of a third new creation.  Neither is nothing without the other, but joined together in the right spirit they have the power of creation.  The yin and yang design for the creative relationship between male and female is repeated in every aspect of our material existence!  Everything in man’s view has its positive and negative expression.  All things have an opposite to which it fits perfectly and that includes the unseen worlds of thought, emotion and desire.  This design works on the basic material level of human sexuality, but it is also key to some understanding of the spirit of God also.  Father Spirit and Mother Earth.  It is living spirit, that imprints itself within the material (flesh) and thereby “animates that which is by nature inanimate.  There would be no life without spirit.  By reflex, the Father Spirit needs the receptivity of Mother Earth’s “womb” of matter to produce the various “children” or examples of itself, we call life.  Already, I can see the war wagons firing up, but before running for the rope, allow me to mark all of this as “basic premise” and move on to the more personal intended objective.

Just what is it that I wish to say?  What does all this have to do with with women anyway?  First of all, I love women!  But, my love for them goes way beyond what exists between their legs.  An excellent trap to say the least!  No, better bear trap was ever conceived on this world or any other.  The “perfect” and homey construction of woman’s not-so-secret weapon along with all of the superior qualities of attraction it contains, absolutely ensures “reproduction” of the human race.  I seem to recall a “joke” that said something to the effect that if women didn’t have that golden “lure” as an eternal trump card, we as men would hunt them down and shoot them.  Now, I refuse to take that any further, having brought it to the table only as an example of how highly that feminine “private reserve” is held in the domestication process of the male.  Women are so much more than that.  Do they know it though?  Women must recognize the depth of who they are first before they can expect men to see them for who and what they are.  If she defines herself in simple, fast food, fashion of the day, “who’s that bitch and what does she have that I don’t!” terms, then she will receive Wimpy burgers of a stick for the rest of her life while wearing the latest potato sack signed by some guy who would never even thank her for having paid her own good money to be his walking billboard.  Wake up and touch your rainbow!  Feel it, stroke it, know it!  Some of you need to go back and reread everything said so far, cause you know what I’m talkin’ about.  Now, stop that and put that thing away!  I didn’t say a thing about “playing” with anything!  I said feel, stroke and know your true value!  I’m trying to tell you that you are a multitude of colors and shades designed to bring humanity into the light of day as beautiful living examples of spirit perfected in flesh!  Whoa!  There he goes again.  What the hell is he talking about?  Well, the answer lies in the fact that pop, fast food or quickie answers do not suffice when talking about men, women and the relationships they have within themselves, with each other and with God.  We need to look at basic principals in order to have some firm basis to stand on when we get into the chaos that is possible to occur between two very different people, motivated to move in very different ways.

If some guy were to ask me where he should start with the wonderful new woman he’s set his eyes on, I would say, “At the beginning, of course!”  In the next segment, I will do just that.  At this time, I must offer a disclaimer though, for those parties who prefer to pick and choose the tidbits of information that are allowed to be used in the excavation of the truth.  I personally believe that when confronted with a piece of information that does not fit the accepted, known “reality”, it is best to suspend prejudice, wait and see if it indeed might “fit” into a larger truth.  In other words, I pull from any and everything in creation to understand creation!  So, with that said, to seek to determine woman’s original royal nature and purpose, it is necessary to start at the beginning with serial number one, Eve!

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